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Want to know how to view your glucose data in Dexcom Clarity and how to share them with your healthcare provider? Check out his pdf.

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Dexcom ONE knowledge test

Below are 8 questions with three possible answers. Click the box with the correct answer and move on to the next question. When you have successfully completed this test, you will receive a certificate by email. You can share the certificate with your healthcare provider as confirmation that you have completed the training. Good luck!

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1. The value of a fingerstick measurement and the Dexcom value are always the same.

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2. How long can the Dexcom ONE sensor be worn?

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3. How long can the Dexcom ONE transmitter be used?

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4. Can you shower and swim with Dexcom ONE?

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5. Which alerts does the Dexcom ONE have?

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6. Can the alerts be personalized?

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7. Where can Dexcom ONE be worn?

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8. Do you have to scan Dexcom ONE to be able to see your glucose levels?


Using your smartphone?

Dexcom real-time CGM systems work only with the smartphones listed on our compatibility page. Before upgrading your smart device or its operating system, check the compatibility page.

Automatic updates can change settings or shut down the app so we advise manually updating.

For a list of all compatible smartphones and software versions click here:

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